From many years of having both male and female dachshunds
               I have found that I personally favor the males over the females
 as far as temperament is concerned. They are much
 more family oriented and protective toward their family.

     The males are much prettier, sweeter and obey
better. A male is much more lovable and willing
to do anything to please you. They love your
approval, generally seek out your affection.
       Most people do not want the males because they
think all males will mark their territory,
lifting the leg and peeing on everything in site.
I have learned from my past clients who have
adopted my pet puppies that if the males are
neutered at an early age say 4 to 6 months, they
do not mark there territory, having never gotten
male hormones due to this early neutering. Males
are generally much cheaper than a female due to
supply and demand. The price of a female is
higher, because they are in higher demand.

    Females generally are much more stubborn. They
are very independent and want everything their
own way. They love to explore and are always
digging holes to get out the yard. The females
are always wanting to see what is on the other
side of the fence. A male is satisfied that he
has a yard and a family to love. Females are
higher strung and from time to time will fight
with other dogs. They often hold grudges for days
at a time when they have been corrected for doing
something we think is wrong. If your female is
not spayed then you also have a heat cycle every
6 to 8 months. This can also lead to unwanted
puppies to care for and find homes for in the
A friend once said the males are born to serve
us, the females are born for you to serve them.

Please consiter a male as your next best friend
Male v/s Female
Weatherly''s Miniature Dachshunds 
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