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Weatherly's Miniature Dachshunds 
Hermitage, Missouri   65668

June 18th 2005
This page was last updated: August 8, 2016
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Weatherly's Miniature Wirehair Dachshund Puppies 

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1. Is shipping Safe.
Yes  shipping is very safe.  The airlines take wonderful care of the dogs and puppies they ship. I do ship  allot of my  puppies and none have ever arrived sick.  It is no more stressful than a long car ride. 

2. How does it work. 
My puppies leave from MCI  (Kansas City) in the morning and arrive to you some time that day. The time is different from flight to flight.  I ship on Saturdays only. 
I send off the shipping information and have it back on Thursday of that week. Then I call you or email you the flight information. 

3. Price 
If I can ship American airlines shipping is 250.00 
If use Delta, Continental Airline or Northwest shipping is $300.00 and up. 
The airline prices have all gone up due to high price of fuel. 
The price covers the interstate health check, 
and the shipping crate. 

4. What do I need when I pick up my puppy from the airlines.
 You will need the shipping bill number, flight number that I give you,  plus a photo ID. It takes any were from 30 minutes to an 1 hour to get them off the plane.  Puppies in most cases will be pick up at the baggage or cargo department, each airport is different. 

5. Weather
Weather can play a big part in shipping.  If its to over 85 or under 21 degrees were you live American, Delta and United Airlines will not ship . It is very safe to ship with Continental Airlines they have the special equipment  to ship in cold or hot weather. With Continental Airlines puppies or dogs are never exposed to the elements. You my still have your new family member shipped to you safely. In some cases the flight may be canceled due to weather. Then the dog or pup will go out the following  Saturday. 99% of the dogs the dogs or puppies are shipped as seculed.