In Memory of Sweet Tara 
Tara Dawn Parker
March 2, 1996 to January, 22 2003 
In Memory of Sweet Tara 

She came into are lives March 2, 1996 she was the first born of  7 puppies.   I picked her up and new from the very start she was the one I would keep.  At birth she even had long ears a white chin and white on her chest.   To me she was the prettiest puppy alive.   She was different and I loved her from that day forward.
As she grew older she be in the back yard playing and was famous for ripping the bark of my husband willow sticks he had just cut to make willow furniture with.  He bring her in mad and sit her on my lap and say keep her in the house she tearing up everything she see out there.  I hug and kiss her. We would play a game of giving kisses. Her mother would never give kisses but Tara was always given more than her share. She was a joy and so very special to us. 

. She loved the riverbeds and the back yard and hunting for mice never leaving a stone or log unturned.   Her favorite pass time would be to dig holes in our backyard.   She would cuddle up in bed at night and was always there when we were happy or sad.   She loved car rides and would sit on my lap and look out the widow taking every thing in she seen.  She would lay in the Sun on sunny days and on are laps at night. 
  We Love you Tara and miss your big brown eyes, happy face, wagging tail and special kisses. You gave us much joy and think you for being a big part of our lives.   We pray you rest in peace and you will always be in our heart as our Special Sweet Tara.

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My Beautiful  Molly
02/18/01 to 05/31/05

   Molly came into my world in April of 2001.  From than on she was #1 in my life. She never walked she bounced her happy way through her short sweet life.  She made each day special for me she was the love of my life.   She could always bring a smile to my face no matter what. 

   Molly was always there for me she loved to cuddle and be held.  She was famous for her  little song and dance to get a car ride out of you.   She loved the  Soap Opera Passions and would sing to the music. You could never help but to laugh at her cute way she had about her. She sit up and beg and talk to you to get her  way. It was very hard to every say No to Molly. 


       She never left my side it didn’t matter if I was cleaning house, doing yard work or taking care of my other dogs she was always there smiling at me, wagging her  tail.  She would cover my face with her sweet kisses every time I pick her up and had the cutest way of nibbling on my nose when she was kissing me..  

     She had the  softest, silkiest coat that made you want to touch it all day long.  Molly slept in my bed and I could feel her soft warm body at my feet every night.  In the morning she jump up and cover my face  with her sweet kisses. Telling me to get up and start my day.  I loved to rub my face in her coat it felt like fine silk.  She had beautiful blond feathers on her tail and rear in the sun light was a joy to see.  She had the sweetest face and I loved looking at her so much.   No matter were we went people would walk over to us to see Molly.  They always want to touch her because she was so pretty. She shy back saying look all you want but only Mom and Dad can touch me. 

    One day I noticed she had started to have labor breathing. So we took her to the vet and he said she allergies.  She was put on mediation for that. She seem to improve some the next  few days. Then  her breathing became labored again,   Then one morning a cough so she was off to the vet again.  Blood test and ex-rays  were done.   She was found to have a condition called Congestive Heart Failure., the vet said it was more likely due to her being  sick when she was young. Molly just wasn’t herself after that. On Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend she had a grand seizer,   she left this world 2 day later . It was just to much for her little body to take,  at the sweet age of 4.

I had a special song that I would  I sing to her  when she set in my lap and I rub her belly.

My My Molly. 
I love you Molly
Yes oh yes I do
 Molly I love, I really really do! 

  Then again I be cover with her ever so sweet kisses. .   

   My beautiful Molly left her paw prints engraved in my heart for ever.   Molly I love you. Yes oh, yes I do! And I miss you!   Thank you,   for giving me so many every lasting Timeless Memories!


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