Weatherly's Dachshunds  
          Hermitage, Missouri 


 Love nothing more than a car ride or to snuggling up next to you in bed. They make great lap buddies. You could not get a better friend or companion. For every ounce of love you give them they give you twice as much back. Dachshunds are true friends and are loyal  to the very end. Our lives would not be the same with out them. 
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     Dachsunds adjust to almost any situation. They are great with children when raised with children.  Do well in apartment, houses, and farms. Very good as companions for the elderly and make wonderful therapy dogs.  With the proper care a dachshund can have a long and enjoyable life up to 11  to 16 years of age or longer.. 

The Dachshund 
 Was bred in Germany more than 300 years ago for nobility to hunt badgers and other tunneling games.   The dog's German heritage was frowned on during World War II.  It is now one of America's favorite breeds   The dachshund is the only AKC breed now to complete in six different disciplines (conformation, obedience, earth dog, field, track, and agility.)
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                Weatherly's Dachshunds 
 Specializing  in longhaired, wirehair and smooth coats 
 Miniature and Small Standards 
     At Weatherly's Dachshunds  we have been working for years to produce beautiful quality dachshunds that are pleasing to the eye and correct to the  Standard. 
 Puppies available to loving  homes!  
      Welcome to Weatherly's Miniature Dachshunds we hope you enjoy our beautiful dachshunds as much as we do.  We specialize in  long-hair, wirehair and smooth miniature dachshunds.   We have chosen the dachshund as our special breed because of the independent irresistible appeal and classic beauty.  


 CH Magnolia's Tennessee Sun Rise 
Granger finished with 3 singles. 1, 4 point major and 2, 5 point majors at the age of 10 Months. 
Thanks Tina for the great boy.   Specail thank you for Kristral Couch for handling Granger for me. 

CH. WD's JMK's Fire to the Rain ML