Weatherly's Dachshunds 
    Raised From The Heart
Willey he lives in Santa Barbara Ca. and is the apple of his mother eye
 This Handsome Guy name is Woody, His home is in San Francisco and        he is loved very much by his family 

This Handsome little guy is Flix
He is six months old in this picture and one of Nina's and Snoopy's Beautiful Pups.  He has a wonderful family and lifes in
 Southern California.  
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Ths little Guy name is Guther and he lives in Serria mountains  above Fresno Ca.
He was my Tara  beautiful Last baby!
This is Sugar and she lives with my mother in Paso Robles, CA. She keeps Mom and my Dad busy playing fetch non stop. She love to talk to you  and is alway busy doing something .
Weatherly's Tina the Weiner 
She is now retired and living in Susanville Ca. as a therapy dog for her wonderful new family 
Weatherly's Dachshunds 
Longair and Chocolates
Sweet Tara
Birdhouse, Lamps, Angels. Willow
This pretty little chocolate and tan is our  Molly's daughter Elli. She is being show here having a fun day at the beach with her family the Gilberts.
This is are beautiful Hailey May.  She is now retired and living her life here as a pet. 
Weatherly's Glowing Angel
She is a Hailey May and Hershey pup
She is now livng in Lompoc Ca.
Dilly is living in the Northern Ca. 
She is a Snoopy and Tina Baby. 
Weatherly's Black Tye 
is livng in Bakerfield Ca as pamper pet. He is a Callie and Zeppelin Pup. 
 Maddy and Zeppelin's 
  Beath taking Female. Cookie  is livng in Santa Rosa Ca with her new family. 
Miki is a Zeppelin and Whispers pup. He new dad drove all the way from  New Mexico to Californina to pick him and and says he was worth every mile. 
Our Creams and Cream carriers
Weatherly's Raleigh he is one of pretty cream puppies and Now lives with the Stone family in Vermont., He is  Zeppelin and Whisper pup. 
 Pricilla she went to go live with  our Angel in Lompac Ca.  She is a Snoopy and Dotty puppy. 
This cutie is Willow and Shilo's son. Now living in CT.
Ozzy he is a Zeppelin and Callie pup.  He lives with his family in Salinas Ca.  He such a pretty boy. 

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